Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Centre of the Pray-ree Lands

January 12th 2009

Part of me wonders why I'm even starting up a blog. I'm a writing major who keeps a journal religiously, why is a blog even necessary? I can only think of my sister, who is heading off to Africa, and all of the legitimate stories she will be able to write down. I thought I would get the official title of "Adventurer" in my family after I forsook my arctic tundra for the centre of the universe, New York City. Yet Renee is already off to change the world at the tender old age of 20. 

The picture is taken from my bedroom window. It never ceases to amaze me how depressing the Minnesotan landscape can be. Minneapolis has culture, class, inside jokes...but it still is one of the most uncomfortable cities to live in.

Four days, and my winter break is over. My favorite playwright, Tony Kushner, once wrote a scene in which a husband and wife make love after having been seperated for several months. After this act of "passion", all the wife, Harper, has to say is "Oh, oh, whatdoya know...back in Brooklyn...back with Joe..." 

Back in Brooklyn would be a really cool band name.

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